We perform urban planning that is user-centered and shows individuality, skillfully harmonizing function with design by drawing on the collective strengths of the Nikken Group.

Master plans for urban development

・Sustainable, environmentally friendly urban planning
・Planning comfortable, quality living environments with attractive scenery

Urban Development

We provide assistance in project implementation with accurate services in all aspects of development projects, including development concepts, land investigation and surveying, planning, applications, design, and supervision. In addition, by drawing on the network of the Nikken Group, we are able to meet the needs of a broad range of clients by assembling a team of professionals from all fields, including urban planning, architecture, environmental planning, and landscaping in addition to land use and site preparation.

Resort planning

・Plans for attractive waterfront resorts, tourist and leisure facilities, and the like

New towns

We provide leveling design, road design, drainage design that fully understands the location conditions of the planning site. Furthermore, we are designing pavement, street lamps, green lands, etc. that also take into account landscape elements.

Industrial complex

We provide disaster prevention functions and provide environmentally friendly industrial park planning and development design.

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