NSC has completed a wide variety of industrial facility projects in Japan and overseas, ranging from production facilities for such as steel, petroleum, cement and fertilizer, to utility and environmental facilities such as electric power, seawater desalinization plants, natural gas storage, garbage and waste processing, and water supply facilities.

For more than half a century, we have developed the expertise to meet the full range of needs encountered by a customer over the total life span of a project, from location feasibility surveys for industrial facilities to facility layout plans, basic plans, execution design, budget preparation, construction orders, schedule management, facility maintenance and management, and repair and renovation design.

In cooperation with the architectural team of Nikken Sekkei, we have designed civil engineering structures and exterior structures for advanced research facilities in fields including medicine, radiation, nuclear energy, and disaster prevention.

Recent examples include high-intensity proton accelerator facilities, underground research facilities, full-size three-dimensional experimental destruction facilities, and large synchrotron radiation facilities.

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