We provide comprehensive services from basic concepts to project execution for the infrastructure that supports cities.

We handle a wide range of projects, including malls, parks, pedestrian bridges and decks, station plazas, underground malls, underground plazas, parking facilities, roads, bridges, tunnels, railroads, new transit, harbors, rivers, waterfront projects, water supply, sewers, and multi-purpose ducts.

We have achieved an outstanding track record, based on reliable technologies and design capabilities as well as the combined strengths of the Nikken Group.
Attractive urban spaces are created through consideration that is based on the user's point of view. In addition to functionality, safety, and comfort, harmony with the surrounding environment is another important condition. We promote urban infrastructure that is user-centered and shows individuality, skillfully harmonizing function with design.
The future of cities will be built on innovative and appealing new proposals that excel in compositional creativity.

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