Malls and parks

Asahi Bunka-no-Mori Park

Location: Asahi City, Chiba Prefecture
Plan area: Approx. 14 ha ( For park : Approx. 8 ha )
Services: Basic design
Completion of design : Basic design: March 2007 , Detailed design : March 2009
Time of services: 2007


Yachimata District Park

Location: Yachimata City, Chiba Prefecture
Plan area: - Square 1 District Park: 1,100m2
- Square 2 District Park: 1,200m2
Completion: - 2006 (Square 2 District Park)
- 2008 (Square 1 District Park)


New Tokyo waterfront subcenter symbol promenade

Location: -Odaiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
-Aomi / Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Plan area: 24 ha
Services: Master Plan, Basic and Detailed design
Time of services: June 1996


Rokko River mall

Location: Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
Plan area: 2 ha ( Length : 1km )
Completion: 1993


Wakamiya main Street Park

Location: Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Plan area: 2.5 ha
Services: Basic Design, Detailed Design
Completion: 1988
Awards: Urban landscape prize in 1991


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