Resort planning

Tourism master plan for Babe

Location: Around the babe lake
Plan Area: 280 km2
- Dissemination of information, an educational research function, stay function, site seeing recreation function, traffic function and an alternating current function, additionally, amenity function
Services: Master plan (1/10,000 )
Completion: 2011-2013


Conceptual planning for Zhejiang resort

Location: Zhejiang, Ningbo, China
Plan Area: Approx. 150 ha
Services: Conceptual planning
Completion: 2009


Competition of tourism and commercial development for Bai Chay Area, Ha Long Bay

Location: Ha Long City, Vietnam
Plan Area: Approx. 130 ha
-Hotels, service apartments, commercial facilities and others
Services: Conceptual plan for competition
Completion: 2009


Detailed urban planning and urban design for resort development in Ho Quan Son

Location: Ha Tay Province, Vietnam
Plan Area: Approx. 1800 ha
- Golf course : 36H, Amusement park, Villa, Apartment house, Hotels, Commercial facilities
Services: Urban detailed design,Urban design
Completion: 2007 to 2008


Basic Concept for Phu Quoc Island Resort, SICC

Location: Kieng Giang province, Phu Quoc Island (Vietnam)
Plan Area: Approx. 650 ha
-Golf course 231 ha (36 holes), Villa 114ha (1200 units), Hotel 45 ha, Commercial facilities 7 ha, Other collective housings, Offices
Services: Master plan
Completion: 2007


Conceptual planning for Donghai Mingzhu Island

Location: Ningbo,Xiangshan ( China )
Plan Area: Approx. 1,000 ha
- Villa : Approx. 330 ha
- Accommodation : Approx. 60 ha
- Golf courses : Approx. 18H
- Other historical and cultural area, Commercial facilities, Vacation condominium, Recreational facilities ( Theme park, Aquarium ), Cultural facilities, Square / Park, etc.
Services: Conceptual plan
Completion: 2007


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