Soil investigation,design,analysis

 We have an extensive track record in the area of soil investigation, design, and analysis. We have organized the Nikken Sekkei Geotechnical Group (NS-Geo Group) to handle soil investigation, analysis, evaluation, and design, and we are capable of predicting complex soil behaviors and proposing suitable countermeasures.

1. Soil environment investigation techniques based on CPT technologies

 Cone penetration testing (CPT) is used as a device that continuously measures ground strength in the depth direction. It is now possible to continuously investigate soil pollutants by incorporating various sensors in the tip of the CPT unit, making use of its capability for continuous underground measurements.

2. Tunnel wall stability calculation program (FE slurry conduit walls)

 When building a diaphragm wall near important facilities such as railroads, it is important to ensure the stability of the slurry-filled conduit. NSC, Gunma University, and JR East Japan have jointly developed a program to calculate the stability of slurry conduits. This program is sold by NSC.

3.Pile draft foundations

 The pile draft foundation is a type of intermediate structure between direct foundations and pile foundations. Sophisticated analyses of the soil and foundation are needed for the realization of the pile draft method. NSC uses analytical programs to perform these analyses and develop a proposal for the optimal pile draft foundation.

4. Consultation on adjacent structures

 As advanced land utilization progresses, more and more projects are being implemented next to railroads, subways, and expressways. NSC evaluates the impact on these kinds of existing structures, studies and proposes countermeasures based on the evaluation results, and provides integrated services from prior consultations with facility managers to the preparation of consultation documents and the actual consultation.


In addition to the above, our past projects include the following

  • ・Centrifugal testing related to civil engineering structures
  • ・Detailed slope surface studies related to road disaster prevention projects
  • ・Soil survey and other related services for development of the New Tokyo Tower
  • ・Wide-area groundwater analysis (semi-three-dimensional infiltration flow analysis)
  • ・Study of compaction settlement in the Fukuoka Island City area
  • ・Study and investigation on reclamation for the New Kitakyushu Airport
  • ・Kansai International Airport (soil survey and settlement analysis)
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