Proposal for environment consciousness

Based on the "Environmental Policy" shown below, Nikken Sekkei Civil makes various proposals on environmental considerations through planning and designing operations. We will introduce representative examples of such efforts.

Environment policy Environmental consideration item overview
Environment conservation Conservation of water circulation function Consideration for preservation of water circulation function by minimizing alteration of running water such as waterway by development action
Consideration for car traffic
(suppressing occurrence of traffic congestion)
Introduction of transportation system based on public transport
Preservation of landscape Preservation of natural landscape Proposal of development plan with consideration for natural landscape by suppressing preservation of rich forest in planning area to be designed and as much as possible
Ecosystem conservation Water and green network formation Creation of a high-quality urban environment by preserving the natural environment such as ecosystem by forming a network of water and green
Energy Conservation Utilization of renewable energy Create a comfortable underground space with energy saving by utilizing renewable energy
Adoption of Environmental Conscious Materials Recycling of dredged soil Proposal for development of a new environmental burden reduction ocean embankment method utilizing dredging dehydrated soil
Use of recycled materials Development of "Glassum" greening block for heavy vehicles using recycled resources (manufacturing slag) as raw material
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