Landscape planning

Creating attractive townscapes

〜Facilitating consensus building through the active utilization of landscape information technologies〜

 NSC provides a variety of services related to the creation of attractive landscapes and towns, including the development of landscape guidelines, evaluating the attractiveness of landscapes, and applying methods based on citizen participation in the design of plazas and other facilities.
 In 2003, the Japanese government adopted the Policy to Beautify Japan, shifting the focus of infrastructure building to the creation of an attractive national landscape. The Landscape Law and other related laws were enacted in 2004.
 As citizens continue to develop a greater consciousness of the landscape, the process leading up to plan adoption, including consensus building with a wide range of users and stakeholders, has become extremely important in services for the creation of attractive landscapes and towns, addition to the importance of the design itself. Here, we will present the major kinds of services provided by NSC in overall coordination for landscape and townscape planning.

【Major services】

● Developing guidelines and pointers related to landscapes and townscapes

Guidelines for Creating Attractive Hyogo Roads and Streetscapes

 In Hyogo Prefecture, the Guidelines for Creating Attractive Hyogo Roads and Streetscapes were compiled with the purpose of creating roads that support people's lifestyles, provide a sense of the uniqueness of Hyogo Prefecture, and can be passed down to future generations. This set of guidelines presents basic principles for landscape planning, pointers on creating attractive roads and roadside spaces, and strategies for realization.
 In Chiba Prefecture, an area along the Teganuma Fureai Line has been designated for landscape-friendly advertising in order to promote a townscape that harmonizes with the natural beauty of the Teganuma Bog. Policies are in place regarding the establishment and display of advertising in this area, based on the Outdoor Advertising Ordinance; and standards have been established for aspects such as the configurations, colors, designs, and placement methods of outdoor advertising.

● Evaluation of streetscapes and other landscapes

Area designated for landscape-friendly advertising along the Teganuma Fureai Line

 For the development of the Guidelines for Creating Attractive Hyogo Roads and Streetscapes, we conducted a landscape evaluation of roads, townscapes, and so on in order to identify the positive and negative aspects of their scenery. The results of our analysis were incorporated into the guidelines.

● Planning and implementation of workshops, etc. with citizen participation

Landscape study meeting for the project to improve the Shizuoka Station north exit plaza

 In recent years, with growing interest among citizens with regard to the landscape and community development, the process of plan development has come to involve the participation and cooperation of local residents through committees, workshops, and the like in various aspects of planning and design.
 While developing the design of the north exit plaza of Shizuoka Station for the city of Shizuoka, we held landscape study meetings with the participation of local residents and academic experts to discuss the matter of improving the landscape of this station plaza in order to gather valuable comments, reflecting varying perspectives of users and the neighborhood, and to pursue consensus building.

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