Owner consulting

What is owner consulting ?

 NSC provides consulting services from the owner's standpoint, drawing on our track record of neutrality and technical strengths as well as our outstanding social reputation for reliability.

Role of NSC in the project flow

 We fulfill a variety of roles from the owner's standpoint in each phase of the project.

Examples of past work

Consulting and CM services for Kaohsiung Steel Works, China Steel Corporation
Location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Site area: 700ha
Time period: Beginning in 1976


Recent activity

■Owner consultant agreement for the third cold-rolled facility expansion project in November 2007

Summary of facilities to be expanded

This is an owner consultant agreement regarding the civil engineering and foundation design portion of the third cold-rolled facility expansion project in the Kaohsiung Steel Works, performed by China Steel Corporation, the largest steel manufacturing company in Taiwan. The cold-rolled facility is used for cold rolling of high quality steel plate for use in motor vehicles, an area where demand has recently soared. With a coil production capacity of 1,500,000 t/year, the plant facilities will be built on a 20-ha site.

Summary of facilities to be expanded

●PLCM facility/Length:415m Production capacity:1.7million tons/year
●CAL facility/Length:481m  Production capacity:1.2 million tons/year
●CGL facility/Length:381m Production capacity: 0.3 million tons/year
●Transport equipment (VACSS, PKL) Coil yard: 45,000 m2 Roll shop: 10,400 m2
●Water treatment facility

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