Seismic analysis of factory buildings

Seismic analysis of factory buildings

 Drawing on the experience of the Nikken Group in the integrated design of factory buildings and civil engineering, NSC provides earthquake resistance diagnosis services for factory buildings having a high level of difficulty, in addition to ordinary buildings.

Strengths of NSC in earthquake resistance diagnosis services

 When conducting an earthquake resistance diagnosis, proper determination of the configuration of the existing structure is extremely important. NSC develops a detailed earthquake resistance diagnosis and seismic reinforcement proposal after performing an on-site survey and carefully confirming the existing structure.

Experience of NSC in earthquake resistance diagnosis services

 We perform earthquake resistance diagnoses on more than 100 buildings per year, encompassing a wide variety of facilities. Our services include earthquake resistance diagnoses and seismic reinforcement design for existing factory buildings of reinforced concrete or steel-framed construction. In our seismic reinforcement design services, we propose the optimal reinforcement methods, reinforcement positions, etc. with the minimal impact on operations.

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